Buying a Condominium

Before you decide to buy a condominium and hire a home inspector, walk through
the property with your own checklist. Keep in mind that the condo association is usually
responsible for the exterior maintenance and shared spaces. If the condominium is in
a large complex, check the security services and egress. Each unit is allocated a certain
number of parking spaces, make sure it will be adequate for your needs.

Insight's Condo Inspection

internachi certified inspector
Whether you happen to be a first time condo buyer looking for a condo inspector in your area, a real estate professional interested in tips and tricks on condo inspections, or an avid investor whose main objective is to better your skills on preparing your condominium for inspection, rest assured Insight Inspection Services will be of value to you.
With Insight, you are going to learn the details of our condo inspection services, condominium inspection tips, and most importantly overall understanding of the complete condo inspection routine.

Condo inspections for the most part are quite identical to townhouse inspections, and a lot of the details on condominium inspections can be applied to townhouse inspections.
With condo sales on the rise, buyers are gravitating toward higher-priced units. Putting the condo, and yourself through the rigors of a home inspection is always going to be worth the investment.

Because of the fact that condo owners within a specific complex share major - and costly - systems, it's quite pivotal that your inspector look outside your unit, too.
And that is where we score over others. You will find that Insight's inspectors will evaluate the complex's roofing (if accessible), heating and cooling systems, plumbing, and electrical systems.